muoto muki - shape mug

Ancient Coffee-culture From the Land of the Sami

Did you know: the people from the land of the Sami drink coffee? You probably did not. Did you also know that they rather drink it outside in the freezing cold? Now that’s odd. Well, they do.

For hundreds of years the proud people from the upper region of Sápmi (also known as Lapland) the Sami, have faced the elements by having their daily cup of refreshing and uplifting caffeine. Slowly broiled, seeking the utmost quality, the coffee is freshly brewed the way their ancestors did.

They drink it from their handcut wooden cups. It’s not only what they drink, it’s how they drink it. Cups designed to perfectly fit the hand. Elegant and robust. Warm and comfortable.

With the Muoto Muki project, SVOSS brings this tradition to the western world for the first time. A selection of fine coffee mugs, rooted in Scandinavian design, SVOSS calls for enjoying high quality coffee the slow way. The Muoto Muki mugs are pure design from the land where slow culture still is the norm, where quality equals nature.

With the Muoto Muki project, SVOSS combines nature and manmade culture into a body of fine porcelain and handcrafted cups. To enjoy just that drink, from which we all gain our best ideas: Coffee. Good coffee

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