The designer - Stijn van Oss

Stijn van Oss is a Dutch born entrepreneur who learnd about nature by skiing the high mountains of the Alps as a young professional athlete and teacher.

There he learnd to interpret the weather, the snow, feel the cold and understand the meaning of being self-supporting in the wilderness. He went to Lapland, where he discovered his emotional and spiritual homeland. In this land of unspoiled and majestic nature he became aware of the quality of life by the people who have lived and maintained this land for ages, like kings living in their castle. He became an experienced woodcutter, after being taught in the traditional woodcutting crafts.

With the Muoto Muki project, SVOSS combines nature and manmade culture into a body of fine porcelain and handcrafted cups for enjoying just that drink, where we all gain our best ideas from: Coffee. Good coffee.